Parallax Scrolling VZ – Unity3D Asset

About This Project

Parallax Scrolling VZ is an easy-to-use framework to create parallax scrolling backgrounds in Unity.

3 Types of Parallax:

Infinite Texture Offset
– Constantly wraps the background textures
Non-Infinite Camera Follow
– Parallax based on character movement – textures do not repeat. Great option for long levels with different textures
Camera Follow
– Parallax based on character movement – textures repeat themselves.

  • Easy-to-setup Horizontal & Vertical Parallax scrolling for 2D Games
  • Uses orthographic cameras
  • 3 Types of Parallax included: Infinite Texture Offset, Non-Infinite Camera Follow, and Infinite Camera Follow
  • Uses texture quads
  • Infinitely wrap textures along both X and Y axis
  • Parallax scrolling based on the camera following the character’s movement
  • Custom inspector for texture offset scrolling
  • Ability to find pixel-perfect X & Y scale for your textures
  • Prefabs with camera & layers attached for easy change out
  • Ability to change scrolling speed & Z-depth for each background layer
  • C# scripts
  • Demo scenes

More info about this package can be found here.




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