Parallax Scrolling VZ – Asset for Unity

Parallax Scrolling VZ – Asset for Unity

Creating a sense of depth is key to keeping players immersed in your game especially when your game is a 2D game. Having a parallax background can add depth to a game, but coding and setting one up can set you back on development time.

We decided to create an asset that allows Unity developers to create parallax scrolling backgrounds quick and easy. With Parallax Scrolling VZ you can create a parallax background for your Unity game in 5 minutes or less. The asset allows you to create horizontal and vertical scrolling backgrounds and it allows you to create nonstop scrolling or character movement based scrolling. Parallax Scrolling VZ includes three types of scrolling methods:

Offset Scrolling:
Constant infinite scrolling using UV texture wrapping

Character Based (NoFollow):
Parallax scrolling based on character movement – wraps the UV texture

Character Based (CameraFollow):
Parallax scrolling based on character movement – camera follows the character and textures do not repeat


  • Easy-to-setup Horizontal & Vertical Parallax scrolling for 2D Games
  • Uses orthographic cameras
  • 3 Types of Parallax included: Infinite Texture Offset, Infinite Character Movement Based, and Camera Follow Character Based
  • Uses texture quads
  • Infinitely wrap textures along both X and Y axis
  • Parallax scrolling based on character movement
  • Custom inspector for texture offset scrolling
  • Ability to find pixel-perfect X & Y scale for your textures
  • Prefabs with camera & layers attached for easy change out
  • Ability to change scrolling speed & Z-depth for each background layer
  • C# scripts
  • Demo scenes

Parallax Scrolling VZ is available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store. You can view the full documentation here. Check out some of the demo scenes in the preview below.

If you’ve purchased the asset and have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

  • Neilson Leslie
    Posted at 05:36h, 03 June Reply


    I purchased this yesterday from the Unity store and thought I would just point out that your PVZ_NotInfinite_CameraFollow.cs was reporting Out of Date Despracated API. I am using the most recent release of Unity (5.0.1). I thought I would just inform you of this little bug.

    I’ve tried different variations of the textureMaterial being assigned the material but I think i am not getting the correct syntax.

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